Answers to Your Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section to serve both current and prospective students. You should find all the answers to your questions here, but let us know if that’s not the case and we’ll happily help out.

What kind of Institution is Haske Business School?

Haske Business School is a Tertiary Institution, a Research Centre, a Consulting Institution, and Supplier of Institutional equipment and materials.

Is the School Registered?

Yes, it is registered with the Ministry of Higher Education, Gombe State and is also Incorporated.

Where is Haske Business School situated?

Haske Business School is situated in Gombe, Gombe State, Nigeria. You can find full detail in the Address button or the GPRS link on the website.

Is the School Affiliated to any Institution in Nigeria or Abroad?

Now, the Management of the School is working towards affiliations with Universities at home and abroad.

What is the Acronym of Haske Business School?

It is HaskeBS but you can also search it as HBS.

Who own Haske Business School?

Haske Business School is owned by Shareholders (Centre for Microenterprise Development Ltd/Gte owning 60% and 40% by Individuals).

Is the Certificate by Haske Business School recognized?

Yes, it is because it is registered and incorporated.

Does the School operate normal classroom courses?

Yes, it does but about 70% of our students study virtually because of the new approach to curbing the COVID-19 Pandemic.

How do I apply to study at Haske Business School?

You can do so by filling our application form online or download the forms, fill and courier it to our address or take by hand to our address (Office) 1A Kaltungo Street, Behind International Hotel, P.O. Box 994 Gombe, Gombe State, Nigeria.

How long does it take to screen for admission?

Admission screening and intake takes not more than one month from the day the application is submitted online or received by courier.

What are the requirements for admission into a programme?

Please download the admission requirements pdf

How do I study virtually?

You can do so using your computer, iPad, Android etc., with an uninterrupted power supply and internet connection and a functional email.

How do I know my lecturers on the virtual class?

The virtual class has the participant of all your Lecturers. You will always find their contacts displayed and you can also interact with them.

How is examination conducted?

Examinations are conducted in two ways- Online or Classroom as management may determine.

Must one conclude his studies within the period stipulated?

Yes, but there is flexibility to this. A candidate may wish to spread his/her study period over longer years provided he/she registers every session.

Can a student pay fees on installment basis?

Yes, but it must be on two equal instalments.


Sales of Forms will close by 30th September 2020. Registration will close by 15th October 2020.  The Semester will start 1st September 2020 and end 31st January 2021.


The total cost of our Programmes per Academic year range as follows:

Certificates           N40,000-N45,000

Diploma                N45,000-N50,000

Adv, Diploma        N50,000-N55,000

Degree                  N55,000-N66,000

PGD/MBA             N100,000-N127,000

DBA                       N300,000-N340,000

Note: These fees reduce after the first Academic Year.

The Cost per admission form for each program is as follows:

Certificates           N2,000

Diploma               N2,000

Adv, Diploma       N2,000

Degree                 N3,000

PGD/MBA            N5,000

DBA                      N10,000

Account Name: Haske Business School

Account Number: 5100346752

Bank Name: Heritage Bank Plc


There are forums and discussion groups facilitated by the school to enhance student integration and peer learning.


In Gombe, the Capital of Gombe State Nigeria